Is this for me?

Are you ready to travel the world, immerse yourself in other cultures, enjoy learning to make exquisitely prepared meals at home for you and your guests? Perhaps you're the type to read a book and engage yourself in where the book takes you in the world and as a result, you want to make foods that further your experience for family and friends?  Finally, if you travel for business or pleasure and love the cuisines of the world and would like to learn how to make foods that let you experience those places again with business partners or friends, then this subscription is for you!  


I'm a go-getter, I'll admit it. I have two masters degrees and am passionate about many things, which is why my career has been so diverse! From working as a corporate executive to owning small businesses all along the way - there's nothing that will stop me from achieving what it takes (literally)



The food I love to eat and cook is an extension of my personal history. It's a way for me to express myself authentically in relation with others who share similar interests or memories around their dining table. I love trying different recipes, exploring new cultures through their cuisine - it's what gets me out of bed in the morning!


As a person who travels for business and pleasure, I have so many memorable experiences from all over the world. The wanderlust in me makes sure there’s always room for adventure, no matter where it takes place! One of my favorite things to do is explore new cultures and see how other people live, every trip gives me a new home.